AN3C7 Airframe Bolt

Part Number: AN3C7

AN3C7 Airframe Bolt, Inventory: 8626, Thread: 10-32, Grip Length: 0.500, Fastener Length: 0.906, Drilling Type: Drilled Shank, Surface Treatment: Corrosion-Resistant Steel.

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Drilled Shank

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Corrosion-Resistant Steel

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AN3C7 Airframe Bolt

The AN3C7 Airframe Bolt features Corrosion-Resistant Steel and has a 10-32 thread with a 3/16” shank diameter. All sizes of AN3C bolts have a 0.406 inch thread length, regardless of grip length. This thread length has been carefully calculated to accommodate a full-height nut plus one AN960-10 washer. The threaded end of the AN3C7 Airframe Bolt is tapered, to allow easier starting of the nut. The AN3C7 Airframe Bolt is tapered on the last threads, for ease of installation of the nut. The AN3C7 Airframe Bolt has a tensile strength of 125,000 psi . If the AN3C AN3C7 Airframe Bolt is overstressed, it will bend first rather than snapping.