Aveox 6100230-00 (50BL10) Industrial Style Controller

Part Number: 6100230-00 (50BL10)

Aveox 6100230-00 Industrial Style Controller, replaces 50BL10. Operating Voltage Range: 12 Volts -50 Volts Max Continuous Motor Current: 10 Amps PWM Frequency: 6500 KHz Maximum Power: 500 Watts Control Voltage Input Range: 0 Volts to 6.25 Volts

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Prop 65 Warning: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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Graphical User Interface

User Friendly

Operating Voltage Range

12 Volts -50 Volts

Max Cont. Motor Current

10 Amps

PWM Frequency

13 KHz

Maximum Power

500 Watts

Control Voltage Input Range

0 Volts to 6.25 Volts

HALL Sensor Connector

5 pin MOLEX

Control Input Connector


Power In/Motor Connector

5 Pin Phoenix Screw Terminal

Operating/Error Indicator


Heat-Sink Size

3.75'' x 2.323'' x 0.875''

Control Mode

Two Quadrant, Voltage Mode

Constant Vel. CNTRL Range

10 KRPM 4 Poles/ 5 KRPM 8 Pole

Max Heatsink Temperature

80° C

Aveox 6100230-00 (50BL10) Industrial Style Controller

Aveox 6100230-00 Industrial Style Controller. The Aveox AVX-6100230-00 (replaces part number 50BL10) has become an industry standard for reliable permanent magnet, DC brushless motor control. This unit can deliver 10 amps of continuous current output with a voltage input range of 1248V. The AVX-6100230-00 amplifier is designed to drive brushless or brush motors at currents up to 10A and 48V. Using hall sensor feedback, a constant velocity mode can be selected for brushless motors.

The amplifier is protected against over current (cycle-bycycle limited), HALL sensor error and under voltage and includes an LED status indicator.

A two quadrant drive technique results in a low cost, and highly efficient drive. Applications for the AVX-6100230-00 amplifier are appropriate where any simple, low cost control of a brush or brushless DC motor is required. Since it is a two-quadrant amplifier, it should only be used in an open loop or velocity loop where controlled deceleration is not required.=