Cleco Fastener Deluxe Kit

Part Number: MK1

20 each C5/32, C3/16, C3/32, and C1/8 Cleco Fasteners and 3 each CSG 1/2 x 1/2, 3 each CSG 1/2 x 1 with 1 Cleco Plier.

C5/32 Cleco Fastener: Color- Black, Grip- 0-1/4″, Diameter- 5/32″, Drill Size- #21

C3/16 Cleco Fastener: Color- Brass, Grip- 0-1/4″, Diameter- 3/16″, Drill Size- #10

C3/32 Cleco Fastener: Color- Zinc, Grip- 0-1/4″, Diameter- 3/32″, Drill Size- #40

C1/8 Cleco Fastener: Color Copper, Grip- 0-1/4″, Diameter- 1/8″, Drill Size- #30

Cleco Fasteners- Made in USA

CSG 1/2 x 1/2: Side Clamp Capacity (GAP) 0-1/2″, Effective Body Depth 1/2″

CSG 1/2 x 1: Side Clamp Capacity (GAP) 0-1/2″, Effective Body Depth 1″

Cleco Plier: Designed for cleco/temporary fastener installation


In Stock
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 1.5 × 5 in

Cleco Fastener Deluxe Kit

Our Clecos are plier operated, spring loaded with a durable steel plated body. Designed for sheets that require precise holding of the material while other operations are completed. The C Series Fasteners are the standard button plunger type Clecos. Use C-200 manual plier.

Side Grip clamps are designed to clamp at the edge of the work area. Ideal for holding workpieces of all types, particularly during bonding, sealing, or gluing operations.

Our Cleco Plier is designed for clecos/temporary fasteners installation.