Helical Flexible Shaft Aluminum Coupling U-Joints

The HELICAL Flexure is an advanced and unique u-joint solution that generally exceeds the capabilities of common u-joint designs. A Helical u-joint is really a Flexure capable of over 5° angular misalignment. It may accommodate up to 90° of angular misalignment in certain circumstances. The Helical Flexible Shaft Aluminum Coupling U-Joint will also compensate for axial and parallel misalignment.

Replacement with a maintenance free Helical Flexure u-joint can save money, both on initial purchase price and on maintenance costs. Hubs and HELI-CAL FLEXURE are made from a single piece of material. Helical Flexible Shaft Aluminum Coupling U-Joints feature no backlash and no lubrication is required.

Helical has over 50 years of experience designing and producing Flexures for use in products ranging from encoders to spacecraft. Helical’s many products are cost-effective and versatile. Working torque ratings are based upon continuous duty with noted misalignments applied separately and may be increased with improved alignment.

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